“Turnkey styling” refers to a comprehensive approach in which a design or project team takes care of every aspect, from conception to completion, leaving the client with a fully finished and ready-to-use space. In the context of Melis & Deniz and the FF&E team, turnkey styling involves not only the selection and placement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) but also the sourcing, curation, and dressing of decorative items and floral designs to enhance the overall aesthetics and ambience of the space.

Here’s a breakdown of the turnkey styling process as described:


Carefully select and source furniture, fixtures, and equipment that align with the overall design concept and client’s preferences.

Identify decorative items and floral designs that complement the chosen aesthetic.


Curate a cohesive collection of furnishings and decorative elements to create a harmonious design.

Ensure that each item contributes to the desired atmosphere and style.

Lifestyle Enhancement

Consider the lifestyle and preferences of the end user when styling the space.

Incorporate elements that contribute to a comfortable and personalized living or working environment.

Client Collaboration

Collaborate closely with the client to understand their vision, preferences, and any specific requirements.

Incorporate client feedback into the styling process.

Attention to Detail

Pay meticulous attention to small details that contribute to the overall ambiance, such as lighting, textures, and accessories.

Ensure that every element works together cohesively.

Quality Control

Conduct thorough quality control checks to ensure that all items, including decorative pieces and floral designs, meet the desired standards.

Address any issues or discrepancies promptly.


Skillfully arrange and place furniture and decorative items to optimize visual appeal and functionality.

Pay attention to details such as color coordination, balance, and focal points.

Floral Design

Integrate floral arrangements into the design to add a touch of nature and freshness.

Select flowers and plants that complement the color scheme and style of the space.

Photography and Documentation

Capture professional photographs showcasing the completed project.

Document the design choices, placement of items, and any unique features for portfolio and reference purposes.

Project Handover

Hand over the fully styled space to the client, ready for immediate use.

Guide maintenance and care of decorative items and furnishings.

Final Presentation

Present the fully styled and decorated space to the client for approval.

Make any final adjustments based on client feedback.

Turnkey styling is a holistic approach that aims to provide clients with a seamless and fully realised living or working environment. By incorporating various elements, including furniture, decor, and floral designs, the design team enhances the overall aesthetic and creates a space that reflects the client’s personality and preferences.