Bespoke Cabinetry & Custom Furniture

Through our initial meetings with clients, we learn as much as possible about their requirements for the room for which they seek cabinetry or furniture. We analyse their likes and dislikes and how they envisage themselves using the space. We always create our designs to optimise the space and ensure it works to its maximum efficiency.


The journey we go on together with our clients can often lead us in unusual directions, but we have learned this can lead to exceptional results. Often, home studies need to cater for multiple computers and screens, for which we may suggest a partner’s desk. Or perhaps the home study may need to double as an arts and crafts room, creating an area to hide fabrics and machinery while inventing solutions to make these elements accessible.


Selecting fabrics and finishes to complement the client’s taste and the room’s function can often lead us to seek out innovative materials that may not have been ordinarily considered.