MD Architecture X Solution Partners

At MD Architecture, we are committed to delivering innovative and exceptional architectural solutions. Central to our success is the strategic collaboration with our esteemed solution partners. These partnerships with leading professionals, contractors, and suppliers contribute significantly to the excellence of our projects.

Our carefully curated network of solution partners shares our dedication to precision, creativity, and client satisfaction. Together, we navigate the complexities of architectural design, construction, and project management, ensuring that each endeavour is met holistically and collaboratively.

From conceptualisation to the final execution, MD Architecture relies on the expertise of our solution partners to bring diverse perspectives and specialised skills to the table. This synergy enables us to address the unique challenges of each project, integrating cutting-edge design concepts with practical construction solutions.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our in-house team, as our solution partners play a crucial role in elevating the standards of our work. Through open communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision, we create spaces that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

At MD Architecture, our partnerships are built on trust and shared values. We believe that by fostering strong alliances with our solution partners, we can consistently deliver architectural excellence, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality

Choosing MD Architecture means choosing a collaborative approach that taps into the collective expertise of our solution partners. Together, we transform visions into reality, creating architectural masterpieces that stand the test of time. Join us in shaping the future of design, where collaboration and innovation are at the heart of every project.

The construction stages for a new build house in the UK involve a detailed and regulated process.

Here’s an extended version:

Pre-Construction Phase

Site Assessment

Evaluate the site for suitability, considering factors like soil conditions, drainage, and access.

Design and Planning Permission

Develop detailed architectural plans and obtain necessary planning permissions and building regulations approvals from the local authorities.

Site Preparation

Demolition (if applicable)

Clearing the construction site of any existing structures and safely demolishing and disposing of materials in accordance with regulations.


Excavating the ground to prepare for the foundation. This includes levelling the site, digging trenches for utilities, and installing drainage systems.

Foundation Construction

Foundation Design

Implement the designed foundation, which could be a strip foundation, raft foundation, or piled foundation depending on the soil conditions.

Footings and Foundation Walls

Construct footings and foundation walls using reinforced concrete or other approved materials.


Roof Structure

Construct the roof structure, including trusses, purlins, and rafters.

Roof Covering

Install roofing materials such as tiles, slates, or other approved coverings.


Drainage Installation

Lay underground drainage systems, including foul water drains and surface water drainage, ensuring compliance with building regulations.

Subfloor Construction

Construct the subfloor, which may involve installing insulation and damp-proofing measures.

External Envelope

External Finishes

Apply external finishes, which may include brickwork, rendering, cladding, or other specified materials.

Windows and Doors

Install external doors and windows, ensuring they meet energy efficiency standards and building regulations

First Fix Services

Plumbing and Electrical First Fix

Install rough plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC components before the interior finishes are applied.


Install insulation within walls, floors, and roofs to meet energy efficiency requirements.

Internal Finishes

Drywall Installation

Fit plasterboard to form internal walls and ceilings.

Interior Finishes

Apply finishes such as plastering, painting, and tiling.

Install internal doors, skirting boards, architraves, and other woodwork.

Second Fix Services

Plumbing and Electrical Second Fix

Fit plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures.

Heating Systems

Install radiators or underfloor heating as specified.

Final Finishes

Floor Finishes

Lay final flooring materials such as carpet, hardwood, or tile.

Cabinet Installation

Install kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures.

External Works


Complete landscaping, including garden design, planting, and any required external features.

Driveways and Paths

Construct driveways, pathways, and any hard landscaping elements.

Final Inspections

Building Control Inspections

Schedule inspections with the local building control authority to ensure compliance with regulations.


Identify and rectify any defects or issues through a snagging process.